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Although the erotic directness of Steel`s pictures left nothing to be desired for, they also possessed a quality of poetic fragility. For me, they represented a virtually perfect blend of Eros, eroticism and art.

Steel is convinced that sexual dreams and fantasies as well as the latent inclination for fetishism lie dormant in every human being. It depends on the individual personality whether these dreams are going to be transformed into reality or whether they will be subdued. His work is aiming at the spectator`s active inner dialogue with this subject. Steel himself had a crucial experience which brought him to an intensive analysis of the erotic aspects of fetishism.


He was given further incentive for an inner dialogue with this new subject by fetish magazines and the exchange of ideas with fetishists. Infected by this idea, restlessly, he now started approaching this subject from various perspectives. After intensive studies, the technique of drawing in pastels, watercolor and airbrush seemed to him the most suitable medium for putting his artistic ideas into practice. This technique enables a precise depiction of details and simultaneous gentleness and sensitivity.


Thus, during the course of his artistic growth, an intensive blend of personal obsessions and inclinations developed and transformed into an exciting, stimulating and unique form of representation, into erotic art which inevitably makes the spectator fall under Steel`s spell.


Claude Lenoir, Publisher